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Part of the Carter Fleming Group – an emerging markets leading provider of talent management solutions. Our clients achieve at least a two fold increase in talent management performance by working with us*. Our solutions to attract, assess and acquire human talent has developed intellectual property that has served businesses for 25 years across the emerging markets.

*Based upon 176 assignments over the last three years benchmarked against the client's prior capability vs overall or current performance working with CF projects. Parameters include: time to fill a vacancy; time to shortlist; cost per hire; quality of search; percentage candidates to interview stage first / second round; efficiency in process; candidate experience; hiring manager experience; retention of new hires; and other key metrics.


Talent Advisory

We provide experience and intellectual property that touches on every aspect of your strategy, processes, your brand and existing technologies.

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Contingent Talent Solutions

We ensure the value of a contingent workforce continues to provide benefit in cost, quality, governance and expertise.

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Permanent Talent Solutions

Whether you require a few hires for an initiative quickly, a growth project, transformation, right-sizing your team or adding specific skills to your firm, we usually have capability to provide all of the above.

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