About Us

CF Projects delivers you better people, faster

Our clients achieve at least atwo fold increase in talent management performance by working with us*.

Our solutions drive the acquisition of talent and manage your workforce needs. We provide an enhanced candidate experience and maximise employer brand and market connectivity as well as build sustainable in talent pools. We provide you with flexibility, efficiency and scalability. We manage and optimise your supplier partnerships and help you leverage the best workforce technologies. We manage risk and give you full visibility of your current talent capability through algorithms and assessments.

We continue to innovate and use methods to deliver better business results across talent management. CF Projects allows you to focus on your core business, while we focus on ours; bringing together people and businesses.

Part of the Carter Fleming Group – a world leading provider of talent management solutions across the emerging markets – the world's first and one of a handful in the world that has originated form the emerging markets and servicing the same.

*Based upon 176 assignments over the last three years benchmarked against the client's prior capability vs overall or current performance working with CF projects. Parameters include: time to fill a vacancy; time to shortlist; cost per hire; quality of search; percentage candidates to interview stage first / second round; efficiency in process; candidate experience; hiring manager experience; retention of new hires; and other key metrics.

CF Projects came in to take over recruitment in a subsidiary and really made us realise how much we aware not doing and losing out on. We developed an enterprise solution that forced us to streamline processes, improve call to action by hiring managers and reduce cost and improve time to fill. Sceptical at first, they made a real difference.

HR Vice President, Chemicals Major GCC

As part of growth into a new market, we realised the market place was in a downturn yet we needed to grow into a new country. CF provided us with a solution to attract and asses the best people in the local market. Their ability to use executive search and contingent solutions together in harmony is often something we cannot use together as one solution by existing service providers. The result was a strong 'A-team' and within a reasonable cost.

Senior Vice president, Retail Major UAE

Towards the end of the year we have a busy time in performance management. We were supposed to grow our firm rapidly in the New Year but realised with our small team, we couldn't deliver. CF resources allowed us to focus on strategic elements whilst they delivered the operational side in talent management aspects. We were able to do a bit more than expected and more importantly, relieved a lot of stress for us. Although ad-hoc we tend to use the solution time to time and is very practical.

People Solutions Director, Family Conglomerate, Africa