Talent Advisory

Your talent challenges, solved

To make your talent function even more effective, our talent advisory consultants have the solution. Drawing on all our experience of delivering talent acquisition solutions across the emerging markets, they provide expert advice in three key areas: strategy & process; employer branding; and technology.

Strategy & Process

We deliver talent acquisition solutions across entire workforce and are specialists at meeting the demands of both permanent and contingent employees. We use our capability to assess your organisation's overall talent approach and re-engineer it to make meaningful and immediate impact.

Employer Branding

We help you communicate to audiences that matter. Delivering insightful research and implementation of ideas, we also use creative tried and tested methods that enhances most aspects of your employer brand, whether it be a project initiative or a long-term ambition.


We develop technologies that are considered some of the world's first initiatives to enhance talent acquisition capability and connectivity to the people market, working on concepts with some of the world's biggest technology companies for in-house intellectual property. We combine our assets alongside market existing technologies such as ATS solutions that delivers our clients cost effective, fit for purpose and impactful solutions to businesses.

Why choose CF Projects

  • Insight: Our total talent approach and information centres gives us a unique overview of the talent acquisition market.

  • Expertise: We take global best practices and optimise that for the emerging markets place to be fit for purpose, through years of expertise.

  • Creativity: Our approach is almost different from one client to another – this requires us to provide fresh thinking and creative ideas for your talent acquisition needs.

We needed a better idea what talent was available across the global markets for very specific functions. Each firm operates differently to our own in securities and therefore, we were seeking talent that doesn't fit into our requirements directly. CF Projects developed an overarching strategy and methods to identify specific functional requirements with associated talent pools, each with their own processes. This allowed us to activate discussions and hire without adding considerable expense. Their insights allowed us to make different decisions and scrap some ideas and go ahead with new ones.

HR Director, Financial Exchange, Middle East

Our work is considered sensitive and advertising / promoting our brand for people is not something we can openly do in certain countries. Our ideas of best practice from the States did not work in the emerging markets and left us with some major issues in being able to service our clients at local level. Competition was beating us and we couldn't afford this to continue in the war on talent. CF provided us with specific ideas and strategies in each country we operated, how our brand can engage with people and allow us to even assess people before they consider applying using artificial intelligence they developed. It didn't resolve all our problems as expected but it did open up new paths to create a sustainable talent management platform for the majority.

Senior Vice President Human Resources, Aerospace & Defence Major, Emerging Markets

We were using an ATS system that costed us in the millions of Dollars each month. Our data into the system was not audited from talent management acquisition and as a major brand, we ended up finding out our staff reverted back to database and excel. CF using their intellectual property, first of its kind, allowed us to privately connect with individuals based upon location, skills and other criteria in a way that made me feel we were at a cutting edge. Our interactions with this technology linked up with our ATS system and the analytics helped us since make some powerful decisions. I was surprised CF Project's product was not more readily used to be honest.

President Human Resources, Telecoms Major, EMEA