Permanent Talent Solutions 

Bringing the best talent

Whether you require a few hires for an initiative quickly, a growth project, transformation, right-sizing your team or adding specific skills to your firm, we usually have capability to provide all of the above.

Although it is commonly known that a company's performance is its people, very few organisations implement talent acquisition solutions that maximises this possibility.

Our clients historically struggled with assessing, attracting and retaining talent using the right expertise to do so and at reasonable cost.

Our permanent talent solutions provide the answer. We blend executive search at top level with contingent orientated solutions to offer a major step-up in talent quality acquisition, process speed to delivery and enhanced branding and buy-in both internally and out.Although surprising, we are the only provider in the emerging markets offering this concept.

Why choose CF Projects

  • Enterprise Outsourcing: Managing your processes adding insight, providing technology and delivering people across entire businesses, driving up efficiency within the talent domain.

  • Project Outsourcing: A concept that provides one-time solutions to businesses that seek to grow through transformation, skill additions, upgrading talent or attracting specific age groups / backgrounds or through team rightsizing.

  • On Demand Outsourcing: Use our resources with our expert recruiters at peak periods or for specific roles with necessary skills within your team.

CF Projects came in to take over recruitment in a subsidiary and really made us realise how much we aware not doing and losing out on. We developed an enterprise solution that forced us to streamline processes, improve call to action by hiring managers and reduce cost and improve time to fill. Sceptical at first, they made a real difference.

HR Vice President, Chemicals Major GCC

As part of growth into a new market, we realised the market place was in a downturn yet we needed to grow into a new country. CF provided us with a solution to attract and asses the best people in the local market. Their ability to use executive search and contingent solutions together in harmony is often something we cannot use together as one solution by existing service providers. The result was a strong 'A-team' and within a reasonable cost.

Senior Vice president, Retail Major UAE

Towards the end of the year we have a busy time in performance management. We were supposed to grow our firm rapidly in the New Year but realised with our small team, we couldn't deliver. CF resources allowed us to focus on strategic elements whilst they delivered the operational side in talent management aspects. We were able to do a bit more than expected and more importantly, relieved a lot of stress for us. Although ad-hoc we tend to use the solution time to time and is very practical.

People Solutions Director, Family Conglomerate, Africa